As governments strive to raise additional revenues by extending the scope or reach of taxation, tax has become increasingly complex in many jurisdictions and what might previously have been viewed as seemingly straightforward planning can give rise to heightened tax risks – the most important issue is how these risks are managed.

At LinkedEurope, we keep pace with the changes and ever more sophisticated tax issues to support the needs of our clients, which are critical to sustaining growth. We have a dedicated team of tax professionals who stay abreast of tax developments and who are able to react effectively and efficiently to the implications of changes for the structures that we manage.

European company

European corporate identity gives you access to a huge market and to a wide range of suppliers. Enjoy prestige of the EU company and the opportunity to buy and sell within EU with 0% VAT.

Offshore company

Having an offshore company can help you save money. Offshore companies typically pay lower taxes. Paying lower taxes means that you can reinvest the company's earnings.

Bank Accounts

Leave the paperwork to us and get the bank account opened within a month. With LinkedEurope the bank account opening will be smooth and painless.

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