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General information

Companies set up in the United Kingdom have the advantage of a low tax rate (21%) while still being European and being able to have a VAT number.

UK companies can also be used in tandem with an offshore company to reduce the tax rate to less than 5%. This type of structure is commonly known as an "Agency Company". UK company incorporation can usually be processed same day. 

UK Company main characteristics:

Company type Private Limited Company.
Governing corporate legislation UK companies are regulated under the Companies Act 2006. The UK Companies House is the governing authority.
Information published relating to company officers Upon registration of the company, the names of company officers will appear on public record. A register of “people with significant control” has been in force since the 6 April 2016
Accounting requirement Accounts and tax filing must be submitted by year-end.
Taxation A tax rate of 21% applies for profits below £300k. For profits exceeding £300k a bracket applies (see details).
Standard currency GBP
Time to form The UK has a fast and efficient registry. Company formation can be processed electronically within a day.
Stability Very stable jurisdiction with an excellent reputation.
Communication Good communication means.
Time zone Convenient time zone (GMT).
Secretary required Yes
Paid up capital requirement Minimum share capital: £1.
Basis of legal system Under Common Law.
Minimum directors/shareholders Minimum of 1 director and 1 shareholder.
Bearer shares Bearer shares are not permitted.

European Union

European corporate identity gives you access to a huge market and to a wide range of suppliers. Enjoy prestige of the EU company and the opportunity to buy and sell within EU with 0% VAT.

Offshore Company

Spend less money on taxes and keep your identity anonymous. Preserve your wealth in a jourisdiction where judgements of world wide courts are not recognised.

Bank Accounts

Leave the paperwork to us and get your bank account number after 3 business days. With us the bank account opening will be smooth and painless.

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